Commercial Lifts


Commercial lifts are one of the comfortable and efficient transportation from one floor to another. The capacity of the commercial lift is excessive enough to accumulate the load up to 5000 kilograms, giving the advantage for commercial buildings to move heavy and bulk materials. It saves a lot of time and effort by moving the heavy goods between different levels.

The primary objective of the Commercial lifts is to minimize the traffic on the stair-case and reduce the accidents. JROne Commercial Elevator Suppliers provide the best commercial lifts for your business. Along with the safety of your business, productivity will also increase by using commercial lifts saving time and manual efforts.

The impeccable quality along with the stylish designs of the commercial lifts intensifies a positive impact on your business and buildings. Elevate the value of building architecture by having the commercial lift. We provide superior quality in our products making us the benchmark in the realm. The magnitude of the technology in every business is inevitable in the present days.

The business with the highest number of quality equipment’s to ease the work, gathers more customers and thus gradually increases its productivity. We have used different technologies with varied designs in manufacturing the lifts to provide you with many options. The Finest material with elegant personalization gives you the stunning finish of the product. Commercial elevators are preferable in commercial buildings, showrooms, shopping malls, offices, multiplexes, residential, and hotels.

JR One Commercial Lifts Manufacturers in Hyderabad has produced lifts with advanced safety features, user-friendly operation, automatic controls, and smooth traveling with minimum maintenance. We provide installation, maintenance and the services related to the different types of the lifts.

The scarcity of the space at your building can substitute with our tailor-made design for the commercial lifts. The reliable speed with smooth riding and large comfortable interior space can be feasible with our elevators and services. We always excel in the requirements of the customers by producing tailor-made lift services.

The best team of JROne hospital lifts manufactures in Hyderabad are dedicated to providing a quality product to the customers. We enhance every aspect of the elevator with much stylish way for the comfort of the customers. Our lifts are cost-effective and economical. We consider every specification for the commercial lifts should prioritize safety with optimization. Rules and regulations implemented reckoning the security of the people and assets.

We emphasize the uniqueness of every customer and ensure to meet all the requirements with efficiency. A great deal of effort and endurance has made us the prominent Commercial Lifts manufacturers in Hyderabad.

Commercial lifts, Goods Lift Manufacturers, Suppliers in Hyderabad

  • Suitable for : Commercial buildings, Industries, hospitals, low rise residential apartments, and restaurants
  • Advantages : Direct landing System, and Automatic rescue device
  • Power : 3 phases
  • Capacity :500 -5000 kilograms
  • Speed : 0.50 to 1.0, m/s
  • Travel : up to 11 stops
  • Car shades : MS powder coat / SS matt finishing
  • Car Door : MS / Manual collapsible door / SS Automatic telescopic door
  • Landing Door : MS / Manual collapsible door / SS Automatic telescopic door
  • Operating System : Geared Traction system
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