Passenger Lifts


Passenger Lifts are the easy way for the transportation of people vertically from one floor to another. Whether it might be any Shopping Mall, Theatre, Software Company, Complex, Metro station or Industries, A Passenger lift makes the best of movement between the levels in seconds.

Elevators will be a part of your business as they reduce the time and energy of the people. The imagination of the lifts in the last decade has grown very widely. Thus, with the need of the Elevators/Lifts to enhance the environment at your workplace choose the best Passenger Lifts by JR One Lifts. JR One Lifts One of the leading Passenger Elevator Manufacturer & Suppliers in Hyderabad provides you efficient passenger lifts as per your customized requirement. Our innovative engineering technology makes your lift space very impressive. Elegance with convenience can align with the efficiency of our customized designs.

JR One's making Passenger Lifts/Elevators are recognized as the best elevators in Hyderabad and AP. These are cost-effective, economical, comfortable and spacious for your regular needs. Passenger Elevators have low noise and vibrations compared to others. Passenger Lifts are suitable for carrying passengers and also powerful enough to carry the heavy loads.

They can carry approximately around 25 people. Reliable and flexible specification of the passenger lift enriches the place. Reduce the traffic movement at your site and attain the best results by choosing our passenger lifts.

Our experienced team with extensive knowledge on the elevators in the industry design the Passenger Lifts. Usage of certified raw materials in the manufacturing gives you the full assurance of the product and makes the ride quality to be smooth and convenient at every time.

JR One's Passenger Lifts Manufacturers in Hyderabad produces lifts with advanced safety features, user-friendly operation, automatic controls, and smooth travelling with minimum maintenance. Improve the scarcity of the space at your building can substitute with our tailor-made design for the passenger lifts. We provide installation, maintenance and the services related to the different types of the elevators. The decent speed with smooth riding and ample comfortable interior space can be feasible with our elevators and services. We always excel in the requirements of the customers by producing tailor-made lift services.

The best team of JR One's passenger lift manufacturers in Hyderabad are dedicated to providing a efficient & quality product to the customers. We enhance every aspect of the Elevator/Lift with much stylish way for the comfort of our customers. Our lifts are cost-effective and economical.

We consider every specification for the commercial lifts should prioritize safety with optimization. Rules and regulations implemented reckoning the security of the people and assets. We emphasize the uniqueness of every customer and ensure to meet all the requirements with efficiency. A great deal of effort and endurance has made us the prominent Commercial Lifts Suppliers in Hyderabad.


  • Suitable for : Commercial building, low, mid, high rise residential apartments, restaurants
  • Advantages : Direct landing system, Automatic rescue device
  • Power : 3 phase
  • Capacity :6 - 26 persons (408 - 1768 kg)
  • Speed : 1.0, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75 m/s
  • Travel : up to 28 stops
  • Car shades : SS matt finish, full length mirror, hand rail, led lighting
  • Car Door : SS / MS designer / Glass door
  • Landing Door : SS / MS designer / Glass Door
  • Operating System : Gear & Gearless d Traction Automatic doors, SS Cabin, higher capacity (up to 680 kg) available on request

Enrich your workspace by installing passenger lift.

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