Hospital Elevators


Hospitals are sensitive places where lift services make patients to be transferred from one floor to another easily and comfortably. Hospitals very often have extensive traffic every day. In a large building, to ease different people with varied concerns, there should be enough machinery.

Hospital Elevators serve the purpose of easy accessing through various levels of the building. The public emergency sector needs to have more safety and comfort with all the specific characteristics required for the smooth passage. Hospital Lifts in Hyderabad are specially designed in a way to accommodate patient beds or stretchers.

Patients with different alignments having mobility issues will be using Hospital Lifts services mostly. Precautions such as very low noise and no sudden movements in the lift must be necessary. The doors of the Lifts are reliable, fast, and automatic which can detect the obstacles. Safety of the lift functions is essential for ensuring easy accessibility in any situation.

Health care center is the place where mobile devices are required mostly. Elevators are very useful in providing mobility to patients, doctors, nurses, and visitors. Stretchers, wheelchairs, beds, and bulky medical equipment’s are easily moved with our Hospital Lift Services as they are sturdy and can move high weight capacity.

Having an Elevator at the hospital can save time, as emergencies may occur at any time and can also provide safety by eliminating accidents that might occur while moving on the stairs. As the traffic at a hospital is high, lifts should follow certain patterns for ensuring the efficiency and availability at any emergencies.

Installing multiple hospital lifts separates emergencies and regular usages. A dual security system is allocated in the lift to secure the people. Elevators may be a standard part of the commercial or residential buildings, but the hospital lifts are very much different.

Hospital Elevator Suppliers provide sophisticated lifts which are much spacious and comfortable than home lifts. Hospital Lifts Manufacturers are immense focused on patients comfort. We have included well-equipped emergency control features as per the needs of the patients. High essential functionality of the hospital Lifts Secures in mechanical and electrical ways.

JR One Lifts made Hospital Elevators can easily maintain with minimum cost, the measurement and capacity of the lift depending on the specifications of the building storeys and structure. Our lifts are manufactured with the prime quality raw materials to sustain many years ahead. The enthralling interior design of the lifts gives the watchers a pleasant view. The flooring has been made with specific material to enable the easy movement of the stretchers and medical equipment’s.

The best team of JR One is one of the top leading Hospital Lifts Manufactures in Hyderabad are dedicated to providing a quality product to the customers. We enhance every aspect of the elevator with much stylish way for the comfort of the customers. Our lifts are cost-effective and economical. We consider every specification for the hospital lifts should prioritize safety with optimization. Rules and regulations implemented reckoning the safety of the people and assets. We emphasize the uniqueness of every customer and ensure to meet all the requirements with efficiency. A great deal of effort and endurance has made us the prominent Hospital Elevator Manufacturers in Hyderabad.


  • Suitable for : Hospitals, low rise residential apartment
  • Advantages : Direct landing system, Automatic rescue device
  • Power : 3 phase
  • Capacity :15, 16, 20, and 26 persons (1020 - 1788 kg)
  • Speed : 0.50, 1.0 m/s
  • Travel : up to 11 stops
  • Car shades : MS matt finish, handrail, led lighting
  • Car Door : SS Automatic telescopic door
  • Landing Door : SS Automatic telescopic door
  • Operating System : Gear & Gearless Traction

“JR One Lifts Makes your movement comfortable between different storeys”

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