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A residence is the place with happiness, make it more comfortable with our residential elevators. The excellent addition of lifts can make your home more elegant and luxurious. Residential Lift Suppliers Hyderabad provides the best elevators.

Why climb the stairs every time?

Battling with the stairs is never an excuse when you can have a residential lift at your residence and enjoy the ride to and fro at different levels. Make your home environment convenient by installing the residential lifts as Residential Elevator Manufacturers are the best suppliers in Hyderabad.

People with immobile issues, unsteady feet, older adults, and people who met with an accident can use residential lifts with the great purpose of mobility, giving you the enhancement of comfort with assurance.

Home might not be having any large luggage, but the little things at home which need to move from one floor to another requires a lot of effort and manual power. To make you ease with luggage or move heavy objects lifts would be a great source.

Breeze out your daily challenges such as moving laundry or any other household works can be quickly done with the help of residential lifts. Efficiently save your energy and time with the elevators. There is also a high risk of injuries while climbing the stairs, as you may lose the balance or any other reason that might lead to an unexpected situation. Avoid minor or significant accidents such as falling down the stairs.

As one of the leading Residential Elevator Suppliers in Hyderabad, we supply the most excellent Residential Elevators in the market, with a penchant for offering to our customer's lifts and elevators with excellent quality, fine craftsmanship and tailor-made designs that can be built into new or existing architecture.

We are at the forefront as one of the leading Residential Lift suppliers & Manufacturers in Hyderabad. We have exclusive offers for homeowners at affordable and competitive prices that add ease of access, comfort, and super value to their homes. As pioneering lift suppliers in Hyderabad, we vow to offer you personal elevator comfort.

We are well established Residential lift suppliers, and our Home Elevators or Lifts are installed for your convenience to enhance the value of your home, and provide you with a unique customized designed elevator. Keeping our clients in mind, we help them in installing elevators and lifts that meet the practical needs of people living in the comfort of their own Homes.

The skilled team of JR One residential lifts manufactures in Hyderabad provide a quality product to the customers. We intensify every aspect of the elevator with much stylish way for the comfort of the customers. Our lifts are cost-effective and economical.

We examine every specification for the residential lifts prioritizing protection with optimization. Rules and regulations implemented reckoning the protection of the people and assets. We emphasize the uniqueness of every customer and ensure to meet all the requirements with efficiency. A great deal of effort and persistence has made us the prominent Premium Lifts manufacturers in Hyderabad.


  • Suitable for : Designed for builders, Low rise residential apartments
  • Advantages : Speed, interiors, direct landing system, It has all high-end features in the basic price
  • Power : 3 phases
  • Capacity :6 persons (408 kg)
  • Speed : 1 m/s
  • Travel : up to 11 stops
  • Car shades : MS powder coat painted, half-length mirror, handrail, led lighting
  • Car Door : MS collapsible / MS telescopic manual door
  • Landing Door : MS Swing Door
  • Operating System : Geared Traction Automatic doors, SS Cabin, higher capacity (up to 680 kg) available on request
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