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Soaring to new heights our exclusive home lifts and home elevators, are an engineer’s marvel with state of the art hydraulic and gearless traction and with the potential to travel up to six stops or have a total of 6 landing doors. It has a speed of 0.30,0.50, 0.63 m/s and you are home in the blink of an eyelid. As a leading Home Lift Suppliers in Hyderabad, trust us to install our lifts even in old buildings or low-rise residential apartments.

Our home lifts are best suited for your villa or bungalow. Use the home lift in the comfort of your own home, after a tiring day at work. We are space conscious and do not need a machine room. You have the option of either using a single phase or a three-phase connection.

We offer you an assortment of car shades, from stainless steel matt finish to MS painted, from exotic designer shades to elegant glass cabins. Match the interior decors of your home lift with the interior decorations of your home. Make your home lift an augmentation of your home.

An ageless concept is suitable and safe for all ages, especially for the aged and the feeble. Assuring you the best service we the Home Elevator Suppliers in Hyderabad are in your favorite city at your very doorstep.

Step into our lifts and step into the future, as we are the best Home Lifts and Elevator Suppliers in Hyderabad.

Our elevators are one of the finest Home Elevator Suppliers in Hyderabad and are custom made for easy installation. Our Home Elevators are equipped with many standard features, making them unique in a competitive market.

We offer multiple door options to match the infrastructure of the building in which it is going to install; Automatic SS Framed glass doors, Frameless glass doors, SS doors, Designer doors and Manual MS swing door, Telescopic manual door. The doors are designed in a way to give high priority for your intensified safety.

Elevators fixed with an emergency backup power system for lights, locks and door operators and emergency stop and alarm. Our lifts are equipped with smooth take-off and landing mechanism, to give the users a sublime feeling of ascending or descending without feeling a thing.

We also warranty a hassle-free service. We, as a unique Home Elevator Suppliers in Hyderabad, believe in pure customer delight. Let our home lifts and home elevators give you a smooth move at your home.

The skilled team of JR One home elevator manufactures in Hyderabad provide a quality product to the customers. We intensify every aspect of the elevator with much stylish way for the comfort of the customers. Our lifts are cost-effective and economical.

We examine every specification for the home lifts prioritizing protection with optimization. Rules and regulations implemented reckoning the protection of the people and assets. We emphasize the uniqueness of every customer and ensure to meet all the requirements with efficiency. A great deal of effort and endurance has made us the prominent Premium Lifts manufacturers in Hyderabad.


  • Suitable for : Villas, bungalows, old buildings, low rise residential apartments
  • Advantages : No machine room
    Min. pit 150-300 mm
    Min. Headroom 2900 mm
    MS structure
    Lift well available on request
  • Power : Single phase, 3 phases
  • Capacity :3-5 persons (250-350 kg)
  • Speed : 0.30,0.50, 0.63 m/s
  • Travel : up to 6 stops
  • Car shades : SS matt finish, MS painted, designer shades, Glass cabin
  • Door options : Glass doors (Automatic SS Framed glass doors and Frameless glass doors), Designer (Telescopic standard door, SS doors, and Manual MS swing door)
  • Operating System : Hydraulic and Gearless Traction
  • Interiors can be customized according to client taste
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